White Samsung Galaxy

Using a Samsung Galaxy Camera for Product Photography

The Samsung Galaxy camera features on the phone falls into the category of hybrid smart phone or compact camera. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy has the ability to make your product shots come out looking like a DSLR had taken them once you know the camera and proper settings. The camera comes with a built in App that will give you manual exposure control and focus options that will help in your product shot photography. Another nice feature is the large touch screen where you can control all the features of the camera. The Samsung Galaxy also has software for image cropping and editing. A great feature when needing to upload an image to a blog or post. Another great feature this camera offers is the zoom capability, 23mm to 483mm. This camera is great for product photography and is complimented by the interface, large 4.8” touch screen and already installed Apps.

Listed below are the Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy camera.


  • Custom white balance
  • Unique user interface
  • Multiple exposure control modes
  • Touch screen focus control
  • Good auto white balance
  • Large 4.8″ touch screen
  • More compact than a DSLR
  • Most controls accessed on touch screen
  • Advanced connectivity for a camera


  • The user manual is a little inaccurate in when describing photographic terms
  • For a compact camera it is a little large and heavy.

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